Good morning, Today i want to share something with you. Like everyday, i get ready for work. I was waiting in a corner of the road when i saw a parent putting his child on the back seat of his bicycle and trying to convince him that everything is fine. There is no money stress, no tension at all. That approx 5 year old baby boy, said to his dad,"dad i wish everything was as perfect as you are saying".  The father replied,"but without these issues life would have been meaningless". This left me stunned. Moral of the day: The more you will start appreciating things,the more positive vibes will come to your doorstep. This is not ignorance. This is acceptance. Have a blessed day my lovely people. 

Self healing and sending positive vibes

Hi everyone, Presenting myself Mrs Gunputh Karishma, residing in Mauritius. I have created this blog to help people dealing with self destruction. No matter how difficult the situation is, know that you are very dear to at least five persons.  Stay tuned for more.